Research Publications

Deconstructing Speech: new tools for speech manipulation, Organised Sound, Volume 11, Number 1, Cambridge, April 2006

Wavefolding: Modulation of Adjustable Symmetry in Sawtooth and Triangular Waveforms Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, Utrecht, 2016. Also proceedings of the Pure Data Convention, New York, 2016

For more information, and downloadable demos of the wavefolding Pure Data software, go here: Wavefolding webpage

Casting a Line: A Flexible Approach to Soundfile Playback Using libPd in Ninja Jamm Proceedings of the Pure Data Convention, New York, 2016

ERRATUM: the algorithm for reverse offset is offset = position - Length - 1 - desiredPosition. I will notate this properly in the not too distant future!

For more information and to download associated software and demos, go to the Ninja Tools webpage.

You can view the video of the paper presentation here

Gemnotes: A Realtime Music Notation System for Pure Data Proceedings of the Pure Data Convention, Weimar/Berlin, 2011

Metastudio: An Integrated Music and Video Performance System, Proceedings of the Pure Data Convention, Sao Paulo, 2009

Meta-Sequencing: Controlling Sequence Voices and Polyphony using the Polymap, Sieve, Valve and Maskxor Objects in Pure Data Proceedings of the 2007 International Computer Music Conference, Copenhagen, 2007, also Pure Data Convention, Montreal, 2007

Time in Music: Strategies for Engagement School of Music, University of East Anglia, 2005.

Electroacoustic pieces composed for my PhD are available to listen to at Soundcloud